Eco Driving

The behaviour monitoring system keeping everyone safe.

Why Eco Driving?

Fleet safety

Driver behaviour monitoring system helps ensure transportation safety for goods and passengers.

Staff efficiency

Quickly detect and educate ineffective drivers, identify the best ones and reward them.

Reduce fuel consumption

The improvement of driving performance and skills reduces fuel consumption.

about eco driving

Why Eco Driving?

Eco Driving by X-TRAQ is a driver behaviour analysis solution designed to reduce environmental impacts while improving driver safety.  It will also help extend the life of your fleet of vehicles.

Reliable X-TRAQ based system
Advanced driver behaviour monitoring system
Keep your drivers and fleet safe
User-friendly interface

How Eco Driving works

Collect sensor data

Select parameters

Assign penalty points

Begin the assessment

Generate reports

Utilize your data

Driving behaviour assessments

Select parameters for driving behavior analysis: acceleration, braking, speeding, reckless driving, acceleration while cornering.

Trips and route analysis

Detailed reports on trips with a map and a violations table, the driver’s rating displayed with regard to the trip duration in the form of a column.

Reduce fuel consumption

X-TRAQ system for fuel management allows the operating dispatcher to look through the history of fuel level variations in the vehicle tank for a specified period, presented as a graph.


Generate comprehensive reports of driving behavior analysis: by driver, group of drivers or units for any period. Export to PDF and XLSX files.

How Eco Driving app works

Keeps you informed

In case of criteria violations, all persons concerned get an email, SMS, or a pop-up message in the system interface.

Gives you full visibility - protects your brand

All vehicle trips are fully recorded so you can run detailed reports with graphs, comparative scores for all vehicles.

“Eco Driving” table specifies each violation: what happened, where, when, and who was driving. Here you will find the score, the driver rating, and 12 other parameters

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