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Frequently Asked Questions

When is LoRaWAN a better option than cellular for tracking an asset or vehicle?

PROS: LoRaWAN uses much less power than cellular so it is a better choice for battery powered GPS trackers, providing much longer battery life. It is also a cheaper connectivity option than cellular. 

CONS: Cellular has more ubiquitous coverage so it is a better choice for assets that will be potentially covering long distances. LoRaWAN is most commonly used for assets remaining in urban environments or within the boundaries of a particular city. 

How does X-TRAQ prevent fuel theft?

As long as a vehicle is equipped with a model of GPS tracker that can read the vehicle’s onboard computer (CAN Bus), and that the computer provides fuel level information, fuel level will be passed on to X-TRAQ. The platform can then monitor fuel level as a function of distance travelled and can generate an alarm on sudden drops in fuel level. 

How can X-TRAQ be used to control security guard rounds or cleaning crew work?

X-TRAQ’s workforce management mobile app can allow security guards or cleaning crews to easily scan a QR code when they reach a certain location. This action will be recorded along with the time and location of the scan, ensuring the personnel were actually where they were supposed to be at a given time. The same tool can allow them to take and upload a timestamped and geocoded photo to the platform to document their work or any unusual event taking place.

How does the Eco Driving driver behaviour tool work?

When a vehicle is tracked, the GPS tracker sends heading and speed data as well as other information that X-TRAQ uses to identify harsh breaking or turning, speeding and other events which allow Eco Driving to allocate “penalties” proportional to the severity of each event. You can then run a report rating every one of your drivers from the safest to the most reckless.